Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge in Honduras

Photo by Marcio Barrios on Flickr

Just take a look at this picture, and tell me what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at it?. I don´t know about you, but as for me the first thing I think is what a splendid place, beautiful, nature at its best! Wow, no words for a beauty like this.

Well, this place is Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge in the north coast of Honduras, it is located about 35 Km from La Ceiba, in the Caribbean coast. It is a national park, a wildlife refuge, and it should be, there’s no way to take civilization to a place like this, I guess the best thing is to keep a place like this as a protected reserve forever.

The refuge is embraced by two rivers, one of them is Cuero river, and the other one is Salado river. “Cuero y Salado” means “Leather and Salty”, the water is a mixture of salty water from the Caribbean sea and fresh water from the rivers nearby, and it is home of many flora and fauna species, one of the most known fauna species is the manatee, which is an endangered species animal in this region. Other animals that have found a natural shelter are the jaguar, several species of monkeys, caimans, and birds of course.

Photo by foto_morgana on Flickr

If you ever want to go to Cuero y Salado, you should know that it´s in the way from La Ceiba to Tela, there is a small village named La Union, that´s the way to go to Cuero y Salado. When you get to La Union, you have to take a special train vehicle, it´s called “La Burra”, it´s a traditional vehicle very famous in this region, it travels on the railroad tracks until you get to Salado village, located right at the mouth of Salado river, and there you are, at Cuero y Salado wildlife refuge, at the entrance at least, because from that place on you have to take a boat with a guide and take a trip into the water channels if you want to get to know more of this place.

For tourists who are into adventure type of things, this a place to visit, it´s a must if you ever come to Honduras, am I right?. Of course I am. This is a place worth visit, definitely.

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