Danli, the city of the hills

Danlí is the most important city in the East zone of Honduras, it is located about 100 Km east of Tegucigalpa, in the main road from Honduras to Nicaragua. From Danlí to the Nicaraguan border it´s only 35 Km. Danlí is located in a beautiful spot, surrounded by several mountains and hills, the most known are San Cristobal mountain, and La Piedra de Apagüiz mountain or the Stone of Apagüiz in English. Because the city is surrounded by several and beautiful hills, Danlí is known as the City of the Hills, in Spanish it is “La ciudad de las Colinas”.

The name Danlí comes from the word Talli or Xalli, it´s supposed to be a derivation sound from some Mexican dialect which means “Water that runs through a sand bed”. That’s interesting, isn´t it?. I´m surprised I didn´t know this, not until now that I just made some research about Danlí, all my life I guess I never wondered what was the origin of the name Danlí. So now I know, and you also know as well, it´s never too late to learn something new, right?

Downtown Danli has a beautiful contrast between a colonial architecture mixed with modern buildings. It has an important museum and historical monuments. This type of mixture offers a unique experience for visitors. Danli also has a pretty good hotel infrastructure, physical spaces and proper services for meetings and events. You can also find modern shopping malls located in different zones of the city. All this makes Danli the most important commercial center in the east part of Honduras.

Another thing to know about Danli is the celebration of the National Corn Festival. we can't talk about Danli if we don´t mention this festival. This is an annual celebration, every year in the month of august Danli celebrates this important event. People go to Danli to celebrate this festival, they come from everywhere, and also people from other countries visit Danli. There are several parades in the streets of Danli during the Corn Festival. You can also admire and buy handicrafts. There are like cowboy rodeos, art contests, sports competitions and carnivals. During the Corn Festival Danli becomes like a giant party place, it´s a traditional Honduran party, very interesting indeed.

Why Danli celebrates the National Corn Festival? Well, it has to do with Danli being the most important corn production center in Honduras. However Danli produces not only corn, but a lot of coffee as well. Coffee plantations and production is also a very important industry in Danli and the surrounding places.

I love Danli, and I usually go there every time I can, not only for the National Corn Festival but anytime.

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