The island of Zacate Grande in the south coast of Honduras

The island of Zacate Grande in the Pacific coast of Honduras, what a beautiful place!. Are you wandering what does Zacate Grande mean?. Translated to English, it would be something like Big Grass, so it is the Big Grass Island. But it doesn´t sound very good in English to me, so let’s keep the original name in Spanish, Zacate Grande.

Zacate Grande is an island located in the Fonseca Gulf, in the south part of Honduras. It used to be a volcanoe thousands of years ago, but it’s a dead volcanoe now, so don´t worry if you ever go to Zacate Grande, don’t worry about volcanoe eruptions or anything like that.

To the south of Zacate Grande we can find the Tiger Island, or Isla del Tigre, it´s another beautiful island, where the city of Amapala is located. The Tiger Island used to be a volcanoe also, just like Zacate Grande. The Tiger Island and Zacate Grande are very near one from another, at some point they are 2 kilometers away. If you are a good swimmer, you could swim from one island to the other one, 2 kilometers is not that much if you think about it. However, don´t ever think it would be that easy to swim, you have to swim into the Pacific Ocean, and that´s not easy. Yes, the Pacific Ocean is the one separating both islands.

The photo here of Zacate Grande island was taken almost from the top of the dead volcanoe in Tiger Island. You can see in the photo how close both islands are. In the background into the horizon you can see mainland Honduras, that´s to the north.

What a beautiful place this is, don´t you think? I´m sure you will agree with me this is really a beautiful place, no doubt about it.

So, if you ever go to Amapala, which is in Tiger Island, you are welcomed to climb to the top of the dead volcanoe, if you can of course, and if you take a look to the north you will see Zacate Grande island, just like the view in this photo.

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