Zamorano University, the best Agricultural School in America

Anyone who knows something about Honduras, even a little bit, probably has heard about the Panamerican Agricultural School, or just Zamorano, the best Agricultural University in America, and definitely one of the best in the world for sure. At least that’s what people say not only in Honduras but in several countries as well. We Hondurans feel very proud about this University. It has a very good reputation all over the world, and I´m not kidding, that´s absolutely true!

As soon as you mention Zamorano, anyone in Honduras, Central America and several other  countries immediately knows what we´re talking about. Zamorano is not only a very prestigious school, but it´s also a very beautiful place, the natural lanscapes at Zamorano are just great, and the architecture of the buildings are something else, really.

Zamorano is located only 30 Km east from Tegucigalpa, so if you ever visit Tegucigalpa you should definitely take some time to go there, only 40 minutes driving on the road.

Students from all Latin America come every year to Zamorano to study for 4 years, becoming Agricultural engineers. They live and work in Zamorano for a period of 4 years. Do you know how many students live in Zamorano?. Well, about 1200 students live there, they come mainly from Latin America.

I have an interesting question for you… do you know where most Zamorano students come from? Can you guess? I bet you can imagine most students come from Honduras, you´re almost right but the answer is no. Of course many Zamorano students come from Honduras, but the correct answer is… Ecuador, yes most students come from Ecuador, I bet you didn´t know that, did you?

Photo by Byron Valladares

This year 2013 I believe Zamorano has students from about 20 countries, most of them from Ecuador, in second place from Honduras, and many other countries specially from Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and even a couple of students from Europe, I´m almost sure about that.

There´s also another interesting thing about Zamorano students, about 30% are women. Yes, each day women are more into the agricultural business, and that is very good I guess.

There is so much to talk about Zamorano, we can not cover not even a little bit in this post, but in future posts we will talk about Zamorano again, a great place to study, to work and live.

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