The Cruise Season begins in Roatan

Photo by Jim Zim

The 2013 high season for cruises begins in the month of October in Roatan and the Bay Islands, and it goes all the way through the month of March 2014, so we will be receiving a lot of cruises and tourists during the next 6 months.

There are two main cruise docks in Roatan, one in Coxen Hole and the other one in Mahogany Bay. Between both they will be receiving an estimate of 85 cruises during the next few months, and this is a lot of traffic, a lot of tourists coming to Roatan and the Bay Islands. Only in the month of October there will be about 36 thousand visitors, in November about 45 thousand, and December about 80 thousand. This will sky rocket the income for some 500 local tourist operators, at least 100 tour guides, local market sales will increase of course, and many more people who depend on tourism for a living will be having a very good source of income. This is very good news for them, for Roatan and for Honduras as well.

This new season will include the visit to Roatan of the Jewel cruise ship from Norwegian Cruise Line, this is a cruise ship that usually makes a tour in several ports that are famous worldwide, like Cabo San Lucas, Puntarenas, Panamá, Cartagena, Cozumel, Belize, Mayan Coast, New Orleans, and of course Roatan in Honduras.

We should feel very proud of having in Honduras a place like Roatan and the Bay Islands, it´s a very important source of income for Honduras taking advantage of tourism. All cruises are welcomed.

Mountains and buildings in Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is a unique city, it has a beautiful combination of mountains and buildings as you can see in the picture. As for the landscape you have to admit is a beautiful combination, you can see mountains all over the city, inside and outside, everywhere you look around Tegucigalpa you will see mountains and buildings. Only small areas of the city are flat, most of the city is built in a very irregular topography.

It´s pretty complicated to get around Tegucigalpa if you don´t know the city. Many people have visited Tegucigalpa several times but they never get used to the city whenever they have to go from one place to another. Most streets are not straight lines. If you ask for a specific address, it´s not easy to get where you have to go if you only have the name of the street or the name of the neighbourhood. Even with a map it´s not easy.

From an engineering point of view is very complicated to build infrastructure in the city, let´s say buildings, streets, houses and everything really, either you have to excavate a mountain or you have to make a landfill. It´s challenging for engineers, but infrastructure in Tegucigalpa is growing at a very fast pace. The mountains and the irregular topography won´t stop the new constructions that are going on right now, which are a lot by the way, and I guess they won´t stop future constructions, the city has to grow no matter what.

Anyway, what can I say? I love Tegucigalpa the way it is, it is what it is and it´s unique and beautiful.

I would like to be in Trujillo, in the north coast of Honduras

Do you know where I would like to be right now? Just by looking this beautiful photo there is no other place in the world I would really love to be right now, and that place is Trujillo, in the north coast of Honduras. Wow, what a beautiful sunset!, it’s amazing. Can you imagine being there?, looking with your very eyes a paradisiac place like this, breathing the air from the Caribbean, just thinking about life, no need to be looking what time it is, nothing to worry about.

Sometimes is very important to have some resting time and have some relax in our busy lives, I guess there is no stress treatment better than being in a place like Trujillo witnessing a sunset like the one you see in this photo. There´s no doubt about it, I must go to Trujillo again, the sooner the better.

You’re welcome to Trujillo anytime. It´s a pretty far trip however, about three hours drive from La Ceiba, and five hours drive from San Pedro Sula. But you know what?. It doesn´t matter the number of hours you have to drive to get there, it´s completely worth it, trust me. Just be aware of the driving time so you can have enough time to enjoy Trujillo if you ever go there sometime.

If possible, you should stay there at least 2-3 days, don´t ever plan to make a 1 day visit to Trujillo. It´s a long time driving to get there for a 1 day visit. There is a lot of stuff to do in Trujillo, you know, the Caribbean, the mountains, traditional towns, Spanish fortress, and much more.

Honduras to the World Cup!

Yes, the dream came true!. Honduras is celebrating the qualification to the World Cup in Brazil 2014. Honduras National team played in Jamaica the last game of the qualifying round and we got a 2-2 tie, and that was enough to get the final ticket to Brazil 2014.

Honduras will go the World Cup for the second time in a row and for the third time in our history. The first time was in Spain 1982, the second time in South Africa 2010, and now we’ll go to Brazil 2014. This is great for Honduras, everybody is really happy and celebrating this historic achievement. Everybody in Honduras went crazy after the game finished in Jamaica.

Right now nothing is more important in Honduras than this. The president even called for a national holiday in Honduras so everybody could celebrate. Nobody cares to work, to worry about anything, all that matters is that Honduras will go to the World Cup.

I guess everybody will be celebrating for the next few days and the rest of the year at least. Honduran players are the heroes of the moment. Coach Luis Fernando Suarez is the most popular person in Honduras right now, if he ran for president in the coming elections in November he would win for sure. However he won´t be running for president, he is from Colombia, so the traditional presidential candidates won´t have to worry about that.

Good for Honduras, this is a moment to celebrate, let´s go to Brazil next year, everybody is invited.

Beautiful landscape in San Antonio de Oriente

San Antonio de Oriente is perhaps the most famous traditional town in Honduras when we´re talking about traditional paintings, and that is of course because of the paintings made by one of the most talented artists Honduras has ever had, worldwide famous primitive painter Jose Antonio Velásquez. When you take a look at a landscape like this you can´t help to wonder what a beautiful place this is, the mountains, the Spanish tiles roof, the church, the streets, the pine trees.

This is a great photo of San Antonio de Oriente, at some point you can´t help to think if this is really a photo or a painting, looks like a painting but it´s a photo, and a great photo by the way.

In case you didn´t know, San Antonio de Oriente is only 45 minutes from Tegucigalpa, going to the east part of Honduras, you can go to San Antonio de Oriente anytime, and enjoy some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the mountains of Honduras.

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful view from the mountains in San Antonio de Oriente, natural beauty at its best.

Honduras is one step away from Brazil 2014

Honduras won a crucial soccer game against Costa Rica 1-0 in San Pedro Sula, and we are just one step away from the World Cup in Brazil 2014. Forty five thousand fans supported our national team in the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, it was not easy but we won!. It didn´t matter if we won 1-0, 2-0 or any other score, the important thing was to get a win no matter what.

Everybody in Honduras is celebrating this important step, the objective was to get a win against Costa Rica and we did it!. There’s only one game left in the qualifying round for the World Cup, Honduras has to play in Jamaica, if we get a draw or a victory we will be in Brazil 2014, in the World Cup, for the second time in a row and for the third time in our history. This is big deal in Honduras, we will be waiting the game against Jamaica.

The game in Jamaica won´t be easy, however we have to consider that Jamaica is already out of the competition, they are in last place of the qualifying round standings, and they will play just because they have to play this game, but they don’t care if they win, draw or lose, so this will be an advantage for Honduras. Hopefully we will get a good result in Jamaica, a win or a draw and that will be it.

We have to suffer up to the last game of the competition, but that is what soccer is all about, that´s why soccer is part of our history and our traditions.

Good luck to Honduras in Jamaica, everybody is waiting that game, no other thing in Honduras is more important right now, no kidding!

Honduras almost ready for the World Cup

Everybody in Honduras is waiting for a very important soccer game this Friday October 11, 2013, the World Cup qualifying game against Costa Rica in San Pedro Sula, the Olympic Stadium will be crowded by 45 thousand fans cheering and yelling for Honduras.

I’m not sure if you´re aware of this, but in Honduras soccer is a very important thing, almost everybody in Honduras is a soccer fan, but not just a soccer fan but really fanatic people. We Hondurans go crazy about soccer, no kidding!

Hondurans take soccer very seriously, it´s a matter of life or death. If Honduras national team wins against Costa Rica this crucial game, everybody will be really happy. There are only two games left in the qualifying round for the World Cup, and this game against Costa Rica means a potential confirmation for Honduras in order to get the qualification to the World Cup. However Honduras must win, there is no other choice.

So everything is set for this game, the celebration is waiting. There will be a national party in all Honduras if we get the qualification to the World Cup. Honduras will be completely paralyzed when the game begins, and 90 minutes later we will see what happens. Everybody will celebrate or everybody will be really mad, sad and disappointed.

Let´s hope for the celebration, we must win or we must win, no other choice as we said. We want to see the Honduras flag waving in Brazil 2014, the World Cup it´s a dream that hopefully will become true.

Good luck to Honduras!

Beautiful sunrise at Copan valley

Photo by Alvaro Calix

Just a quick note to show you a beautiful landscape in Copan, in the west part of Honduras. When you see a landscape like this you can´t help to think about the beautiful world we have, and in this case the beautiful country we have in Honduras. This photo shows a sunrise over the Copan valley, which is the valley where the worldwide famous Copan mayan ruins are located. The picture was taken from a nearby ranch. This place is just beautiful, don´t you think?

You can find beautiful places like this all over Honduras. Most people know Honduras for the beautiful beaches, islands and other attractions we definitely have, but certainly we also have this type of destinations inside the country, many valleys and mountains, rivers and so on.

Copan is known mainly for the Mayan ruins, which are located in amazing places like the Copan valley. Beautiful Mayan ruins spreaded all over beautiful valleys and mountains. For tourists looking for natural wonders, breathless spots because of the beauty in them, Honduras has a lot of things to offer, any time, all year long.

San Manuel Colohete Church

San Manuel Colohete is a municipality in Honduras, in the Department of Lempira, which is in the south west part of the country. It was officially recognized as a municipality in 1901. It is located 35 km from Gracias, the main city in Lempira. The municipality of Colohete has a population of about 12,000 people. The history of Colohete comes from ancient times before the Spanish came to Honduras many centuries ago, when the Lencas were the main inhabitants of this region. The name Colohete has its origin from a native local language which is the nahuatl language, the name Colohete means “among scorpions”. However the name Colohete had some changes after the Spanish came to Honduras in the XVI century, the town was renamed as Our Lady of the Conception of Colohete. Several years later, the name had another variation and it became San Manuel Colohete, and it remains like this up to the present.

Photo by Alvaro Calix

Most people relate San Manuel Colohete to the catholic church temple, which is a famous colonial building. The most important architectural construction in San Manuel Colohete is definitely the catholic church of the Immaculate Conception of Colohete, it is a beautiful colonial temple, very famous not only in Honduras but in all Central America. For experts on this matter, this church is an architectural jewel.

La Vereda Hotel in Santa Barbara, Honduras

Photo by Oscar H. Solís

There are many beautiful places in Honduras, not all of them are islands or beaches near the sea, we also have in Honduras interesting places to visit around the mountains. One of those places is La Vereda Mountain Hotel. It is an interesting and amazing ecological paradise hidden around the mountains in the Deparment of Santa Barbara, waiting to be discovered and explored by tourists and visitors. It was created for resting and enjoying with the family and friends in a spot located right in the heart of a beautiful natural landscape. It is located about 75 km in the road going from San Pedro Sula to Copan.

This hotel has pretty good facilities at the service of visitors, comfortable rooms, restaurant, swimming pool, playgrounds, and broad spaces for resting in hammocks.

Photo by Oscar H. Solís

Besides relaxing and resting, this hotel also offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of large ecological areas. People who enjoy flora and fauna, ecological places and that type of things, this is a place to visit. It´s only one hour drive from San Pedro Sula.