About Us

This website was born with the idea to share general information about Honduras, a beautiful country located in the very heart of Central America. The objective of this site is to share as much information as possible with people all over the world about Honduras.

I'm an Honduran citizen and I've had the chance to travel to many places all over the world during my life. I´ve seen beautiful locations that take your breath away because of their beauty, not only nature landscapes beauty but modern cities as well. The more I travel the more I feel also that we have in Honduras great things to offer to our visitors, we have nothing to envy to any other country in the world. We have beaches, mountains, waterfalls, archaeological sites, rain forest, rafting, you name it. But the best thing in Honduras is the people, very good people in general.

One of the most common questions I get every time I go to some other country is: "Where are you from?". When I say "I´m from Honduras" they mostly say "Ah, that´s great", and the next question almost everybody asks is "Where is Honduras?". I´ve felt really surprised of how many people all over the world know almost nothing about Honduras, or in the best scenario, they know just a little bit. Some people may know that Honduras is a small country in Central America, some others don´t even know where Honduras is located.

Several years ago I made a trip to Rio de Janeiro in Brasil and the taxi driver I was going with from the Airport to the Hotel asked me where I was from, when I replied that I was from Honduras he seemed to be a little confused and said: "....where in Brasil is Honduras?". I felt immediately shocked, and thought to myself how it was possible that somebody didn´t know anything about my country. He was not joking, he really thought that Honduras was some city or region within Brasil.

It's a challenge we have in Honduras in order to let people know more about us. This site has the format of a blog where I will be sharing information about Honduras, places to visit, places to see, how to get in and out, tips, news. We have so much information to share and I will be glad to share it with you with a touch of my personal point of view.

This site is not an encyclopedia type of site, even though you will find facts, data, numbers and useful information about Honduras, it's not intended to have information only, we won´t make any competition to Wikipedia or other similar sites. Topics will be reviewed with a human point of view, and the reader also has the chance to make contributions or comments whenever he likes.